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About Us


Thistle and Thread is a women's clothing boutique that provides ladies of all shapes and sizes with trendy and affordable options. Opened in 2019, our store is based out of Glasgow, Montana (literally the middle of nowhere.... google it).

We are two besties that have made it our mission to make every woman feel their most beautiful.  Working together, and sharing our weirdness with the world has always been a dream of ours. 

I'm Ashley, a mom to two of the world's cutest children (clearly not biased) and former science teacher.  My clothing choices are as cute as possible with minimal effort and need to withstand anything from baby pee to science experiments.  To all the other mommies and low maintenance fashionistas out there....I got you girls! 

I am Briana, I've lived many adventures and chosen many different paths in life, this is one I am very excited about! My style is eclectic and fun most of the time, but I also love to be comfortable. Being a curvy lady, I understand the frustrations of trying to find clothes I don't feel frumpy in and I'm excited to explore our clothing options!